Camp Morty, Mountain Lakes Park

 In From the Race Directors

A nice article from today’s Lewisboro Ledger about Camp Morty which is located within Mountain Lakes Park, site for the Sarah Bishop Bushwhack:

By Jane K Dove

Swimming in a freshwater lake, hiking in the woods, going boating, or telling spooky tales around a campfire are all summer activities that are part and parcel of the lives of Lewisboro children.

But for kids at Camp Morty, headquartered in Westchester County’s Sal J. Prezioso Mountain Lakes Camp off Hawley Road, they are often brand-new experiences and rare pleasures being savored for the first time.

Camp Morty is the county’s sleep-away summer camp for boys and girls who live in foster homes or are receiving assistance from the Department of Social Services. Located on a thousand pristine acres, it is named in memory of Morton Hyman, who served for nearly 20 years as supervisor of camping for Westchester County parks.

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