Five Weeks to Go

 In From the Race Directors, Trail Updates

Just five weeks before the fourth annual Sarah Bishop Bushwhack and we’re excited to announce a running of the course backwards this Saturday starting at 8:00 a.m. Meet at the trail head to Lookout Point in Mountain Lakes Park (201 Hawley Road, North, Salem, NY) and run the 10K-ish Sarah Bishop Course—backwards. That is, start at the trail head to lookout point, run up to Hemlock campsite and follow the Sarah Bishop course in the opposite direction. That means heading down the stairs near the end of the run so save a little energy for that. Bring your own maps for this one. See the map here ››

And join us this Sunday, August 21, at 8:00 a.m, at the Ward Pound Ridge Trailside Museum when we run a new course—Trailside, CB, to Blue route. This 7-mile course starts with a bit of an uphill (that’s being kind) but once you head down the CB trail within the first mile, you can catch your breath and enjoy yourself. There might be another hill or two along the way but nothing to worry about. The course follows a new trail that has been marked with temporary flags starting in the woods behind the Michigan Road residence and ending at the Old Mill. By the time you reach the blue trail, you’ll remember what makes that one of our favorites in the park. If you’re not feeling the love of the full distance, you can cut a couple miles from the run. See the map here ››

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