How Hairy is the Sarah Bishop Bushwhack?

 In From the Race Directors, Trail Updates

Some people have been wondering just how hard the Sarah Bishop Bushwhack 10K trail race is.
Well, we do say it’s a challenging run but unlike the photo above, you’re not going to see any grizzly bears on the trail. There is a fair amount of elevation change but at 982 feet, Mount Bailey isn’t Pike’s Peak and even if you feel like you can’t complete the race, you’re never more than a couple miles from the main setup area. That’s not to say this is a cakewalk but even if you aren’t an experienced trail runner, you can go at your own pace and have a great time. We’ll have marshals along the trail, a water stop before mile four, and food and coffee at the finish line to help you recover.

With just over three weeks to go, we’re ready to race. If you want to reserve your official Sarah Bishop Bushwhack performance T-shirt, you need to register by Friday, September 13. You can still register after that date but there’s no guarantee that you’ll get one of these great-looking shirts. Register today ››

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