Greetings from your race directors,

I’m sure you are as excited as we are; The Sarah Bishop Bushwhack is here! Here are some important instructions for race day.

And to answer our #1 question: There will be same-day registration so if you missed online registration, just show up.

Our second most answered question—the shirt order went in two weeks ago. If you didn’t order a shirt, you missed it. We may have a few extras or some extra long-sleeve volunteer shirts. If so, after the race you can purchase what we have. I have a few shirts for last year’s race as well and will bring those along if anyone would like to purchase those. Next week, I can post the artwork to an online service where you can purchase your own shirt if you’d like. Look for that next week on this site.


  • Driving directions and map are here. If programming a GPS, the address of the park is 201 Hawley Road, North Salem, NY 10560.
  • Plan on arriving by 8:00 a.m.  Parking is near Hemlock Lake, which is approximately ¾ of a mile from the park entrance. Traffic will back up so please be patient and proceed slowly inside the park. Parking is limited, so please car pool when possible.
  • Drive slowly and watch for people walking on the road and follow instructions of our volunteers as to where to park.
  • Because the race starts on the main road, we will be closing the main gate at approximately 9:00. Once the gate is closed, it will not be opened until the race is underway. If you arrive late, there are a few parking places at the main entrance about ¾ of a mile from race start but you’ll have missed the race, sorry.
  • Volunteers will be dressed in GREY shirts. Listen to them and park where directed. Parking is on a level grass field and is limited so park tightly. Please be respectful and thank them for their support.
  • After the race, exit the way you came in—through the main gate at Mountain Lakes Park. There will be plenty of people sharing the roads so drive slowly. Remember, we’re here for a good time—let’s be safe.


  • The race starts around 9:15 at the Hemlock Lake beach
  • Bib pickup and shirt distribution will be at a table under the tent near Hemlock dining hall. Anyone who ordered a shirt can pick theirs up at registration. Please do not ask for a shirt if you did not order one.
  • The only facilities available will be at the race start since the buildings of the Hemlock camp will be closed. If you need to take care of business before the race, try to do so early to avoid any last-minute lines. There is one porta-potty on the course near Larch campsite.
  • We will make any last-minute announcements on-site so please pay attention.
  • There will be same-day registration available, adult race $40. Please bring exact change and proceed to bib pickup.


    There will be a number of “sweeps” running the course following the slower runners. If for any reason you can’t continue, wait for them to get to you to assess your needs. If you see someone down on the trail, alert one of our course marshals.
  • There will be one water stop during the race near the halfway point. Please drop your garbage near the stop before heading onto the trail to help make our volunteers’ lives easier for cleanup.
  • Medical Support: North Salem Volunteer Ambulance Corps has provided medical staff in case of emergency. Please thank them for their service.
  • To help us with the race scoring, please make certain that your race number bib is exposed before you enter the finishing chute and DO NOT PIN THE TEAR-STRIP at the bottom of the bib to your shirt.
  • How about dogs? You can bring dogs on the course (or to the park to watch) BUT READ BELOW BEFORE COMING WITH YOUR DOG. If you run with your dog you ABSOLUTELY MUST 1) Start at the back of the pack and 2) Keep them leashed and close to you, especially at the beginning of the race where the crowds are tight. You know your dog best, so make sure they can deal with large numbers of people (and many other dogs). No dogs are allowed in picnic areas at the park! Park rules.
  • What about music? We don’t have an outright ban but we discourage runners from wearing earbuds for a number of reasons. You know yourself, though. Use your best judgment. The course is very crowded, especially at the beginning. You will not be able to hear anyone coming up behind you and yelling “on your left” or “on your right.” Plus, with the single track trails, the twists and turns, and the funneling of runners, this can be a safety issue. Lastly, you miss a vital part of the Sarah Bishop Bushwhack experience: the sounds of the race, the gleeful whoops of runners who have encountered the next obstacle, and the musical surprises on the trail waiting for the runners to pass by. If you use music as a motivational spur for your solo workouts, consider this: you are not solo on this run… The other people around you should provide sufficient motivation and energy for your time on the trail during the race!


  • Awards will be presented to winners of each age group at approximately 11:00 a.m. at the dining hall stage. Awards include top three overall finishers for men and women and age-group winners for under 20, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+.
  • Water, bagels, and fruit will be available for runners on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • We will post final results on the website as soon as we can. We will also post links to photos taken by our photographers when available. If you’re an Instagram user, tag your photos with #sarahbishoprace and share them with the group.

Above all else remember to have fun; it’s just a trail race!

Lee & Barry, Race Directors