Thank You, Cross Sport Woman

 In From the Race Directors

We’d like to thank Bettina Sementilli and Cross Sport Woman for sponsoring the Sarah Bishop Bushwhack 10k Trail Race.

With their focus on cross-training women, Cross Sport Woman provides products that offer the best in durability and function for the sports being pursued. Knowledgeable in cross-training activities, the staff is an experienced “resource” for customers for questions regarding running, bike/spin, yoga/pilates, strength-training and swimming. Special female needs, such as sport bras and maternity are approached in a comfortable manner by their female staff, with special attention given to fit and comfort for all products.

Owned and operated by an avid marathoner, cyclist, pilates advocate and mom, Cross Sport Woman is a convergence of all the things learned over the years: with the result of bringing you the best of what’s out there. It is their small way of contributing to help others achieve.

We’re very excited to have Bettina and Cross Sport Woman as a sponsor for the Sarah Bishop Bushwhack. Without your dedication, this event wouldn’t be possible.

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